New Stanstead GM ‘hit the ground running’

By Steve Blake, Special to The Record

Stanstead’s new general manager has a practical style of administration – he listens to the people who do the work. When Mayor Philippe Dutil needed a new general manager after Karine Duhamel went to another town, Jean-Charles Bellemare was prepared to pitch in. “Phil called looking for an interim general manager,” Bellemare said in an interview in his office Tuesday. He had worked at the MRC. “I knew people on the council, and I knew already the demographic and the economy here.” And he knew the issues of community development. “I was between jobs, Phil needed me ASAP, and the following day I was here. I hit the ground running.” He started January 7, and the job became permanent last spring. See full story in the Thursday, July 18 edition of The Record.

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