New Student Village sign raises questions

By Gordon Lambie
New Student Village sign raises questions

Anyone driving down College Street in Lennoxville this week is likely to have noticed some work being done at the corner of Conley Street, next to the train tracks. City workers are out trimming trees and, most notably, installing a new sign that reads “Student’s Village.” The sign points toward the Bishop’s Bridge, leaving a blank navy-blue space facing the borough’s Downtown.

“I’ve already gotten a few calls about that sign,” said Lennoxville Borough President David Price. “People feel like it’s facing the wrong way.”

Price explained that the orientation of the sign has everything to do with the fact that the City of Sherbrooke wanted to charge the Borough $10,000 to remove the concrete base it had originally installed for the electronic sign now located closer to the Bishop’s Campus. Given that those funds would have to come out of the budget that the borough has been setting aside for beautification projects, the council decided to re-use the base in its existing configuration.

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