New Townshippers’ Association executive director brings an economic approach

New Townshippers’ Association executive director brings an economic approach

By Michael Boriero

Laura Kolbe was announced as the executive director of the Townshippers’ Association on Friday, and she already has plans in motion to introduce a sustainable economic approach to the organization’s longstanding mission.
She is taking over from Rachel Hunting, who stepped down from her role as executive director last month after nearly 10 years. While saddened to see Hunting leave her position within the organization, Kolbe eagerly jumped at the opportunity to fill her predecessors shoes.

“I’m very keenly aware of the challenges that our community faces, especially in the face of the oncoming Bill 96, so I wanted to use my skill set, and my background, and my experience to help the Townshippers,” said Kolbe, adding she was grateful for the board’s support.

She describes herself as a lifelong Townshipper. She moved to the region when she was just five years old, attending elementary and high school in the Eastern Townships. She has always felt connected to the area, even when her studies took her all the way to Toronto.

“I’ve always had roots here, so I’m a lifelong Townshipper, and like many Townshippers, I left during the post-Bill 101 exodus and came back 10 years later to see that things hadn’t changed as much as they should have in a positive degree for Anglophones,” she said.

Kolbe moves into the executive director role with an extensive educational and professional background in international business and economic development. She has travelled worldwide, touching foot in 44 countries, to help companies transition to the international market.
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