News quiz for local students

News quiz for local students

It’s time to test the knowledge of young people in the Townships and see who’s keeping up with the news.
The Record publishes a quiz each week with five questions related to news that appeared the week before in the paper.
Students at the elementary and high school level are invited to read through the paper to find the answers and then send them by email to our editorial team.
At the end of the month, any students who participate and answer the quiz questions will be entered into a draw to win a 16-GB Fire tablet.
Each time a student answers a different quiz, their name will be re-entered, increasing their chances of winning a tablet. The contest will continue through March and April.
Don’t have access to The Record?
No problem.
All schools in the Eastern Townships School Board have access to the e-edition of the paper, so ask a teacher or principal for help to get connected.

Last week’s questions and answers

1) What is the purpose of Bill 85, which was presented in the National Assembly last week?
Answer: It will help improve voting accessibility in the fall municipal elections/expand mail-in ballots.
2) Physicians at the The Massawippi Valley Health Centre have the flexibility to do what?
Answer: They can create their own hours and work days.
3) What is the reason Nick Fonda believes he was able to work out his new book, Murder on the Orford Mountain Railway?
Answer: He was able to ground it in real events.
4) What does SPA Estrie recommend for pets during a cold snap?
Answer: Limit outdoor walks, remove salt and dirt from paws and accessorize with boots or coat.
5) What did the Cegep de Sherbrooke do for Valentine’s Day?

Answer: Students worked together to form a heart on the residence building using lights in the

This week’s quiz questions
1) How can the Quebec government encourage more CPE projects?
2) Cassidy Petiquen, a 13-year-old Sherbrooke resident, wrote her song “Out There” specifically for what audience?
3) What advice did Serena Couturier receive to deal with her anxiety?
4) What does Tennis Quebec want the government to do with its new directives?
5) The new Drummondville elementary school project will add how many students?

Send your answers to for a chance to win the 16-GB Fire tablet.
For more information about the quiz and how to participate, call the newsroom at 819-569-6345.


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