Next stop: Wickham, Quebec

By Michael Boriero - Local Journalism Initiative Reporter
Next stop: Wickham, Quebec
(Photo : Courtesy)

There are two types of model train enthusiasts. There are those who keep it simple, unboxing and building a scene using straight-forward instructions. But there are others who take it a step further, recreating an entire landscape of a bygone era down to the most minute details.
Jocelyn Roux places himself in the latter group. The 52-year-old from Wickham, a small town just outside Drummondville, Quebec, has been fascinated by model trains since he was a teenager.
“When I was 14, my father decided to build an electric train layout because his neighbour had one when he was a kid,” said Roux in a phone interview, explaining his first experience with model trains.

But he decided to take his fascination — or obsession — with the creative hobby to another level. He completely altered his basement into a workshop. He installed platforms that run the length of the room. And he painted his walls with blue skies and fluffy clouds.

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