Nice place but who can afford it?

Nice place but who can afford it?


By Nick Fonda

Local Journalism Initiative


The apartment blocks being constructed on Richmond’s Adam Street, on the site of what was once a French elementary school, already have their first tenants.  According to a rental agent, 11 of the building’s 17 units are now rented.  The two other blocks, at different phases of completion, will likely be ready to start housing their first tenants before the end of the calendar year.

Construction work on three more identical blocks is scheduled to start in 2024.  These will front on Gouin Street, as St. Michael’s Catholic School once did.

When the project, undertaken by Conception Desrosier, a Magog-based developer, is complete, Richmond will have 102 new rental units.

The apartments, ranging in size from one-bedroom to three-bedroom units, can be visited virtually ( and can be reserved on-line.  They are advertised as having superior soundproofing.  Each has its own heat pump, air exchanger, and electrical entrance.  Most apartments have a separate small laundry room and a balcony.  Some come with two parking spaces.

The promoters point out their proximity, among other things, to the French elementary school, the arena, the bike path, and even the river—which is close as the crow flies but access to it is a little more distant.  (The web site shows several appealing photos to illustrate these features, but unfortunately, they are all generic shots rather than photos taken around Richmond.)

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