No more identity crisis for Quebec games mascot

Record Staff
No more identity crisis for Quebec games mascot
(Photo : COFJQ-Sherbrooke 2024)

The organizing committee for the finale of the 2024 Quebec Games in Sherbrooke announced the name of their new mascot over the weekend. After having asked for submissions from elementary and high school students across the greater Sherbrooke area, the committee selected the name “Rafale” for the character, who is in the form of a large arctic fox.
The name, which was the suggestion of sisters Rose and Sophie Leduc of Sainte-Catherine de Hatley, was selected for the way it refers to the fox’s energetic, dynamic and active lifestyle.
New name in hand, Rafale will now start to make appearances at public events in the Sherbrooke area to build enthusiasm about the coming of the 2024 games.
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