Non-profit collects recyclable items to tackle food insecurity

By Michael Boriero - Local Journalism Initiative Reporter
Non-profit collects recyclable items to tackle food insecurity
Fondation Rock-Guertin general manager Denis Fortier sorting through cans and bottles. The collection campaign has raised $50,000 since it started in May. (Photo : Courtesy)

The Fondation Rock-Guertin, a non-profit organization focused on food security, partnered with IGA in Sherbrooke for three weekends last May, collecting plastic bottles and cans in an effort to raise money for residents in need.
The fundraiser blew up, according to the non-profit’s general manager Denis Fortier. People came out in droves to drop off recyclable items for a good cause, he explained, which led to an impressive tally by the end of the month.
“During those three weekends we collected like $38,000 worth of cans and bottles and things like that,” said Fortier.
When the partnership with IGA concluded, people asked Fortier if he would continue collecting bottles and cans. They didn’t want to bring their recyclables to the grocery store because it can be a long process, he explained. And people were also keen on donating to charity.
Fortier saw no reason to stop. In June, he and his fleet of volunteers set up a drop-off tent in the back of the Rock-Guertin building, located at 1061 Cherbourg Street. Fortier said the non-profit has raised roughly $50,000 since the start of the campaign.

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