North Hatley and the Giant Peach

By Matthew Mccully
North Hatley and the Giant Peach
(Photo : Matthew McCully)

By Matthew McCully – North Hatley’s Grade 5/6 class presented a production of James and the Giant Peach Thursday, complete with life-sized creepy crawlies, one larger-than-life peach, and a talented cast of young thespians. The Record received an invitation to attend the play from Marjorie Ross, a volunteer at the school. “He really goes all out,” Ross said, referring to North Hatley teacher Richard Williams, who directed the play. “I used to work at The Piggery,” commented Ross. “This is really something,” she said, explaining that the effort put into the North Hatley Elementary play each year is impressive. The set had several different backdrops including a country landscape with the tree from which the peach originates, as well as a New York skyline. There were decorated rotating panels on the side of the stage, and of course, a giant peach. Every inch of the stage was used for the play. There were even moments where the players were up in the rafters during scenes they were meant to be on top of the giant peach. See full story in the Friday, May 31 edition of The Outlet.

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