North Hatley bridge work “moving at a good pace”

Record Staff
North Hatley bridge work “moving at a good pace”
(Photo : Matthew McCully)

Work on the new bridge in the Village of North Hatley is continuing to make progress, even if completion is still a few months away.
According to a recent update from the municipality, excavation work is coming to an end and the last piles will be in place by the end of October. A footing and a wall supporting the bridge are being poured this week, and the cofferdams that have been holding water back from the worksite should be ready for removal by mid-November.
The village described the work as “moving at a good pace,” and identified December 20 of this year as the objective for reopening the span to traffic, with finishing touches to take place in the spring of 2021.
With traffic through town still detoured at the Massawippi river in the meantime, additional signage has been added at the corner of Routes 143 and 108 to direct vehicles to the correct side of the shoreline for their respective needs.
Any citizens or visitors with questions and comments about the project are encouraged to address them directly to the North Hatley City Hall.

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