North Hatley demolition committee hears community concerns

North Hatley demolition committee hears community concerns

By Gordon Lambie


A public meeting of the village of North Hatley’s demolition committee Tuesday night served as a forum for the airing of concerns regarding a request for demolition that has been filed by the owners of the house at 190 Main Street. Over the course of the evening members of the committee heard arguments for and against the demolition of the building within the community’s heritage zone.

Committee President Carrol Haller and the designated spokesperson for the matter, Andrew Pelletier, both stressed the importance of feedback to the democratic process while also asserting the fact that the final decision is made by the committee.

Before the public comments period began, those present were given an explanation of the process that goes into deciding whether or not to approve the demolition of a building, as outlined in Quebec’s Act Respecting Land Use Planning and Development. According to Pelletier, the meeting was framed this way to ensure that people in the community are aware of how many steps are involved in making such a decision.

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