North Hatley looking to take back winter

By Gordon Lambie

Over the weekend The Record received a phone call asking a simple question: what is going on with the scarves in North Hatley? Throughout the centre of town colourful scarves have been tied to utility poles in groups of two or three, without any indication of what purpose they are to serve. According to Town Councillor Alexandre-Nicolas LeBlanc, creating some mystery was part of the inspiration behind putting the scarves out there in the first place. “For a municipality like North Hatley or Hatley Township, summer is a busy time. Winter, however, becomes a time when it is harder for local businesses to survive,” he said, explaining that the town met with local business owners back in January to come up with a vision for how to make wintertime in North Hatley more exciting in the years to come. While that meeting produced what LeBlanc said were some strong medium- and long-term ideas, the short-term area was a little bit lacking. “One person suggested that we could tie scarves around telephone poles to get people talking, and clearly that worked,” he said. See full story in the Tuesday, March10 edition of The Record.

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