Novice-O-Rama weekend roundup

Record Staff

The action continued over the weekend with 26 matches and an all star game in novice category 3-4.

Sixteen meetings were on the program on Saturday in MAGH 1 and 2. For each of the teams, it was their first game of the competition while the rest were scheduled for Sunday. The players gave everything they had to show off to parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters and friends in the stands. Every year for many players of the MAGH level, this is their first competition in front of an audience with animation and music.
Following the Sunday games, each participant received a Novice-O-Rama medal.

All Stars
Many parents and friends came to the Centre Julien-Ducharme in the early evening for the presentation of the Momo Sports – Tek 2 Sport all-star games in the novice class “3 and 4”. It was a hotly contested match as the red Tek 2 Sport, led by Cantonniers Julien Bourget and Rémi Delafontiane, had the best 4-3 over the blue Momo Sports team, led by Cantonniers Jacob Tessier-Gagnon and Mathieu Fortin. Lovan Laflamme, Charles-Olivier Frénette and Raphael Drouin, with two, scored for the win. Daston Goudreau, Alycia Weisshuhn and Evan Paquin were on hand to answer the call.

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