Nutri-santé program brings Rainbow Project to elementary students in Potton

Nutri-santé program brings Rainbow Project to elementary students in Potton
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by Mable Hastings

The Missisquoi North Volunteer Centre (CABMN) Nutrition Committee (Nutri Santé) offers leaning workshops that promote healthy eating for the students in the Mansonville schools. With this in mind, and thanks to the initiative of its volunteer members, youth from the schools participate in dynamic workshops that introduce them to a range of healthy foods and stimulate the young minds providing an incentive to eat healthy. In order to reach parents and encourage their children to talk and cook with them, the committee often follows up by providing recipes to distribute.

Last week the volunteer members of the Nutri Santé Committee prepared ingredient jars that were distributed in the schools for the children to decorate as gifts for their parents for Christmas. The jars contained all of the ingredients needed to prepare a special treat.

The Nutri Santé visit to the two local elementary schools in Mansonville also provided the students with a wonderful surprise. As part of an initiative to encourage children through the Covid Pandemic and using the “rainbow theme,” the group distributed multicolored aprons and chef hats to every student in both schools. The delight on the faces of the children warmed all hearts in the room and the pride with which they wore the bright beautiful colors paid tribute to the better days to come and the
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