Off-season hikers “a pretty big problem” in Baldwin’s Mills

Off-season hikers “a pretty big problem” in Baldwin’s Mills
(Photo : courtesy Ville de Coaticook)

By Gordon Lambie

Earlier this week the Town of Coaticook and the board of directors of Harold F. Baldwin Park took the step of physically blocking off the parking lot used by those looking to climb the Pinnacle in Baldwin’s Mills.
In a press release, the town indicated that the move came in an effort to help protect the trails during the spring thaw.
“Everyone loves these trails, and we want to be able to make the most of them as of May 22,” said Simon Madore, Mayor of Coaticook.
“It is a pretty big problem,” said Barbara Rowell, President of the Harold F. Baldwin Park Board of Directors, indicating that even if people walking the trails while they are closed in general is an issue, those who do so in the spring present the biggest problem. “The trails are very muddy during the spring thaw and people walking on them can cause serious damage in two ways; walking through the mud and damaging the trail surface and walking around the mud making the trails wider and damaging the environment around the trails.”

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