Off the beaten track: Getting to know Kingsbury

By Gordon Lambie
Off the beaten track: Getting to know Kingsbury
(Photo : Gordon Lambie)

Every day, the pages of The Record are filled with stories from the larger communities in the Eastern Townships. Sherbrooke and Magog get a lot of spotlight because of their size, but even smaller communities like Ayer’s Cliff, Stanstead, Richmond, and Cookshire are big by comparison to the villages many readers call home. To help hear the stories that are being told in the villages that fall a little further off the beaten track, The Record will be taking sometime this summer to get to know the hamlets that sometimes are little more than a place where two roads come together. We begin, this week, with Kingsbury. For Martha Hervieux, the Mayor of Kingsbury, the small size of her village is one of its key characteristics. “We’re a village of around about 150 residents,” she said, “Kingsbury has always stayed small.” Hervieux explained that Kingsbury was able to maintain its independence from the surrounding township when the municipal mergers took place across the province and has continued to operate as a tiny town ever since.
“We are a little island in the middle of the Melbourne Township,” she said. See full story in the Thursday, June 27 edition of The Record.

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