Official opening of new kitchen at Knowlton Academy

Submitted by Lucy Hoblyn

On September 13, Knowlton Academy revealed their newly renovated kitchen to the many donors who supported the renovation. Kirk Lawrence was volunteering for the breakfast program last year and noticed the terrible shape the kitchen and ­dining room were in. He approached ­Renalee Gore, school principal, to see if he could start a campaign to renovate. She gave him the go ahead. With the help of Joan McKinnon and a team of helpers they were able to raise enough money to replace broken appliances, flooring and units. They redecorated both the kitchen and the dining room. Renalee tearfully praised our amazing community for their support. Joan McKinnon told us that of everyone they approached for funds, not one said “no”. The renovation team look forward to purchasing new tables for the dining room. Published in the Sept. 17 edition of the Brome County News.

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