Olivier Hébert and the LoFi Octet: where jazz and classical meet

By Gordon Lambie

Jazz and classical music might seem like two very different types of music to some, but Olivier Hébert has dedicated a large part of the last eleven years to making the two get along. Hebert’s genre blending project, the LoFi Octet, will be playing two concerts in the Eastern Townships next week, one at Bandeen Hall in Lennoxville as a part of the Musique Chez Nous series, and another in Stanstead for the local arts centre. “In my mind, my project is the meeting of these two worlds of jazz and classical, and my attempt to use classical textures and sounds by bringing a string quartet to meet with a jazz quartet,” Hébert said, calling himself the pivot point between the two groups. “The thing that I like the most about it is that it puts every musician in an uncomfortable zone,” he added. “It brings everyone to that point where they have something to bring to the band, but also something to learn.” See full story in the Friday, Oct. 25 edition of The Record.

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