One million masks donated to Memphremagog organizations

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One million masks donated to Memphremagog organizations
Pascale Gingras, Director General of the Memphremagog Hospital Foundation, Éric Éthier, President/Director general of MedSup and Keith Éthier, vice-president of business development for the company. (Photo : Courtesy Memphremagog Hospital Foundation)

The Memphremagog Hospital Foundation received an unexpected donation from the company MedSup Canada, headed by Éric Éthier.
Wishing to give back to organizations in his community, the Magog businessman donated 1 million general purpose procedure masks to the foundation, a donation worth $170,000.
Called upon to reinvent himself as his company Média Spec, which specializes in events, was facing the cancellation of all its contracts, Éthier and his partners seized the opportunity to get into the race for personal protective equipment. “This project, which started in my basement, quickly came to fruition. So much so that my company became the largest wholesaler of personal protective equipment in Canada with warehouses in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Magog. We distribute tens of millions of products every week in Canada, the USA and, most recently, internationally,” explained the young entrepreneur. In light of the recent success, Éthier wanted to give back to his community. By entrusting 1 million masks to the foundation, he felt that the organization was best placed to redistribute to people in need through the various organizations in the MRC.
“This generous donation comes at a time when the needs are very present in many organizations in the region. It is important to be vigilant and continue to comply with health regulations. When Éric contacted us and mentioned that he wanted to give us a 53 boxes filled with masks, we were very surprised and especially touched by his great generosity,” commented Pascale Gingras, Executive Director of the Hospital Foundation. “The CEPOP, the Villa Pierrot, the Maison de la Famille, the Beebe Centre d’Action Bénévole, Phelps Helps and many other organizations have already received boxes of masks.

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