One person’s extravagant firetruck is another’s Christmas miracle

By Marianne Lassonde, Special to The Record
One person’s extravagant firetruck is another’s Christmas miracle
(Photo : Ralph Gilman)

Last Saturday, a Facebook post from a disappointed Bedford mother travelled throughout Canada to reach the local fire department.
Every year for the past six or seven years, Bedford’s fire department brandishes one of their firetrucks with 2,500 Christmas lights, each string carefully identified and taped to a specific part of the truck. Radios are attached to the vehicle and play Christmas carols as it drives through the streets of Bedford. The whole process takes approximately six days to put together and is an iconic part of the region’s “Noël Magique”.
Starting in the evening of Dec.5 and going until New Year, a volunteer from the Fire Department drives the truck through towns in the Bedford region. Where the truck goes, however, depends on the driver and, because it is a popular attraction to locals, it can take hours to drive back to the station after its round. Fire Department chief Ralph Gilman says they try to accommodate everyone but sometimes certain conditions prevent them from even leaving the station, such as: weather conditions and availabilities. But Gilman says their doors are always open for children who want to sit in the truck.

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