Open Garden Day returns to Glen Villa

By Gordon Lambie
Open Garden Day returns to Glen Villa
(Photo : Courtesy)

For the first time since 2017, the Webster family is opening up their private gardens, Glen Villa, to the public as a fundraiser for the Massawippi foundation. Located just outside of North Hatley, near the Hovey Manor, the gardens have been carefully curated by Pat Webster into a kind of open-air museum that pays homage to the history of the 750 acre property and the lives of people who have lived on or around it through sculpture and creative landscaping.
“it’s very similar to what we did in 2016,” Webster said, explaining that while there have been new additions to the gardens since they were last opened to the public, the fundamentals of the open-garden day are essentially the same. See full story in the Friday, July 12 edition of The Record.


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