“Operation September” supports 362 local families

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“Operation September” supports 362 local families

Centraide Estrie, the local branch of the United Way charity, took advantage of Hooked on School Days this week to unveil the results of their “Opération Septembre” campaign. For the start of the 2021 school year, $22,789 was given to 543 young people from 362 different families throughout the Estrie region through the program, which helps students from low-income families to get school supplies. This work is carried out in close collaboration with community organizations and elementary and secondary schools. Organization workers also support recipients and identify whether they can offer them other services.

“In 2020, we doubled the amount given through Centraide Opération Septembre because the increase in the cost of living due to the pandemic has hit vulnerable people hard,” explained Ismael Sondarjée, President of Centraide Estrie. “Since the needs are still great this year, we have increased the budget again. It is thanks to the record generosity of people during our last campaign that we can invest so much in the community.”
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