Ottawa suspends vaccine mandate

Ottawa suspends  vaccine  mandate

By Gordon Lambie
The Canadian Government announced Tuesday that COVID-19 vaccine mandates will be suspended as of June 20 for both vaccination requirements for domestic and outbound travel as well as for federally regulated transportation workers and federal government employees.
As a result of the announcement, vaccination will no longer be a requirement to board a plane or train in Canada as of June 20 and mandatory vaccination will no longer be required for those in the transportation sector. Vaccination will continue to be required for the passengers and crew of cruise ships and Masking and other public health protection measures will continue to be in place and enforced on planes, trains, and ships. Vaccination requirements for foreign nationals to enter Canada and quarantine and testing requirements for Canadians who have not received a vaccine will also remain in effect.
The announcement also notes that these measures could be brought back in the future, if necessary.
There were 1,016 people with COVID-19 in hospitals across Quebec as of Tuesday’s update from public health, a decrease of nine compared to the information made available on Monday. Despite the overall decrease, the number of people with the virus in the province’s intensive care units increased by one, to 21.
As of Tuesday’s update, about 33 per cent of the total number of hospitalizations were admitted for their Covid diagnosis, versus about 48 per cent of those in intensive care.
There were seven new Covid-related deaths reported in Tuesday’s report, increasing the total in the province since the start of the pandemic of 15,496.
There were also 4,156 health care workers absent for Covid-related reasons.
In the Eastern Townships the number of people in hospital with COVID-19 decreased only slightly, going from 73 to 72, but the region continued to report no one in intensive care and no new Covid-related deaths.

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