Packed house for Dirty 30 Rumble local pro wrestling event

Packed house for Dirty 30 Rumble local pro wrestling event

By William Crooks

The Eastern Townships Wrestling Association (ETWA) held its Dirty 30 Rumble pro wrestling event in Newport, Vermont Sept. 23. The Record spoke to organizer and participant DJ Myers to get the rundown on the day’s events.

“’Brutal’ Bob Evans hosted a seminar [on professional wrestling],” Myers began, the afternoon before the show. Around 14 people participated. Evans is a well-known American pro wrestler and trainer.

Mark Shelton, local American musician, sang the US National Anthem to start everything off. Four matches took place before the focus of the show, the 30-man Rumble. To begin, Jeff Fury was victorious over Tim Hughes. Next, Evlynn Sage, coming off a winning streak, defeated Journey Burke, who was making her debut. The Cold Hard Guapos retained their tag-team titles against Relentless. Finally, MulletMan defended his ETWA Championship Title against ‘Brutal’ Bob Evans.

The 30-man Rumble showcased 30 wrestlers entering the ring at 90 second intervals. Elimination takes place when one is thrown over the top rope; the last man standing wins. Notably, it featured Jake ‘The Snake’ Marcy and DJ Myers himself. Myers was eliminated fourth to last. The Miserable Angry Dogs made a big impact, but Jaba King was ultimately victorious and earned the right to face Sigma in the future, with the Heritage Championship on the line.

Betty Calloway, who passed away recently, was an ETWA superfan. A 10-count tribute, where the ring bell is rung 10 times, was made in her honour. Every chair in the venue was filled for the show and many had to stand. The event ended around 10 p.m. “People were really happy,” Myers said.

The ETWA has another event coming up in October in Stanstead. More information on it can be found on the ETWA’s Facebook page.

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