Painted pebbles of gratitude

Painted pebbles of gratitude
(Photo : Suzanne Jodoin)

By Marianne Lassonde
Special to The Record

With warmer weather and long walks on the rise, a Facebook group is urging people to keep their eyes off the blooming trees and glued to the ground, where they just might find a painted rock wishing them a happy Easter.
These hidden gems are part of a long-standing initiative to help spread happiness throughout the province by following a very simple set of rules.
Rocks ranging from pebbles to granite are painted and placed around the Townships for people to find and publish on arochemoiunsourire, a Facebook group created by Sophie Côté in 2018. Once a rock has been found and photographed, the person can choose to repurpose the rock, hold on to it, or relocate it – which is how some rocks find themselves in Australia.
“The goal is to show how far the rocks have travelled,” said Côté. “But it also teaches [those who paint them] to give without expecting.”
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