Painting for Purpose – Bringing the Community Together Through Art

By Michelle Lepitre
Painting for Purpose – Bringing the Community Together Through Art
The Painting for Purpose workshops will offer community members a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with each other and create their own beautiful pieces of art. They will be led by local artist Debra Mosher Roy, pictured here hosting a Mindful Colouring workshop in 2018. (Photo : Townshippers’ Association )

Keeping in Touch

It’s been a long, cold winter for many people. With the continuing pandemic, and the snow and cold outside, it’s been much easier for most of us to stay at home rather than look for ways to get outside and get together with others. This social distancing (which can easily spark feelings of isolation) has certainly done its part to help keep us safe from the virus, but it’s also had a huge impact on many of our social connections and, consequently, on our mental health. Decades of research exist to prove the connection between social activity and well-being, and many of us are starting to realize how important it is for us to begin to find ways to reconnect with other people in person, slowly and safely. With spring around the corner, and restrictions starting to loosen, maybe you are one of those people who is feeling ready to start getting out there and re-connecting with others… if so, the Painting for Purpose workshops may be just the thing for you!

Since April of 2021, seven students from the Université de Sherbrooke’s medical faculty have been working with the agents from our Partners for Health and Social Services Network to design a special art activity that is meant to help bring our community back together after so many months apart.
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