Pandemic drives students to delivery jobs

By David Rossiter, Special to The Record
Pandemic drives students to delivery jobs

Employment has been a source of stress for many this year. Last spring, COVID-19 forced many businesses to shut their doors indefinitely.
As the requirement to “stay home, save lives” continued, people needed a way to receive goods and food. Delivery services filled that need perfectly.
Constant demand in the face of lockdown restrictions made food and packaging delivery quite an attractive job opportunity for many people, including young Sherbrooke residents.
Pascale Desmarais is in her third year at Bishop’s University in Lennoxville. As the 2020 school year was drawing to a close, Pascale was looking for summer employment opportunities in her native Toronto.

“I was hired to be a leader for summer camps in the city, but then I was like there’s no point, no one knows what’s going to happen, I don’t have a location set because locations keep getting cut.”

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