Parents and players still upset about hockey in the Stanstead area

By Johnathan Houle – Special to The Record
Parents and players still upset about hockey in the Stanstead area

Being situated in Stanstead, a town located on the border, the Border Jets is a minor hockey association with players that originate from both Quebec and Vermont. However, with the government mandated cancellations and border closures, players and parents from both sides of the border have been finding that playing hockey during the pandemic has been both inconsistent and impractical.

The Record spoke with Brad Loughran, a parent of one of the many American players in the league. When asked why they chose to join a Quebec league rather than one of their local leagues in Vermont, Loughran replied, “Well we live in the Derby area which is just across the border from Stanstead, and it was the closest association we had living in this part of the state,” he explained. “Most of the kids in the area play for the Border Minor Hockey Association, which is affiliated with Hockey Canada and Hockey Quebec, and it’s nice to be able to play in a recognized league,” he added.

While many parents have contacted both local and distant leagues to get their children back on the ice, the children themselves have been having a tough time with the change.

Zachary Patterson, a player with the team, spoke about what he missed when playing hockey. “I really miss my American friends and I really miss playing in tournaments too.” Like many of those on the team, being unable to see their friends has been rough on the players.
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