Pastoral care services available in Richmond

Pastoral care services available in Richmond

By Bird Bouchard


A local community project in Richmond is hoping to provide more pastoral care to an aging population.

Scott Patton took on the role of Pastoral Support Minister in the Richmond area in January 2022. Today, he runs the Seniors Spiritual Wellness Program, which is sponsored by the United Church of Canada – Good Samaritan Fund as well as the Richmond-Melbourne United Church in Richmond.

Working part-time, approximately 20 hours per week, Patton visits with people around the community and provides pastoral care. He spends two days a week at the Wales Home and is available another day of the week for anyone else in the community.

He said his job was created to focus on outreach and support for local seniors, regardless of their church affiliation. Therefore, his services are available to anyone who asks.

“This isn’t just a religious service,” he said. “Anyone can ask for a visit, even without faith affiliation. You don’t have to be a part of the church.”

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