Pay system coming to the Pinacle

By Gordon Lambie

Last week, in an interview with Radio-Canada Estrie, Coaticook Mayor Simon Madore expressed that his municipality is exploring the possibility of implementing a pay system for access to Mount Pinacle in Baldwin’s Mills. Barbara Rowell, President of the Comité du Parc Harold F. Baldwin, which manages the mountain and surrounding area, clarified to The Record that the decision has already been made and what is being discussed is more how and when to implement it. “We have decided that this is the way that we should be going forward, we just haven’t decided how we will roll it out, the transition period, how we will manage it, and all of that,” Rowell said, explaining that the decision was made after considerable discussion, but ultimately justified based on the need for additional resources to keep up the trails. “Our mission is to create a park for conservation, observation and education; to manage the park; to ensure the conservation of the ecological balance present in the environment and to protect and conserve the territory in its current state,” she added. See full story in the Monday, Feb. 17 edition of The Record.

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