Pedestrians appreciate new lights on College

By Jordan Dionne, Special to The Record

A few weeks have passed since a new traffic light was installed with a pedestrian crossing light on College Street near Little Forks. So far, the reaction from students who regularly cross the intersection to get to Bishop’s University and Champlain Regional College has been very positive.
“I’ve lived in Lennoxville all my life. I have crossed the crosswalk in mention many times over the years,” explained Victoria Aiken, a local student. “I’ve almost been hit a couple of times crossing and trying to cross at night was very difficult. Also, as a driver, it was difficult to see people trying to cross at night,” she said.
Aiken added that when driving, she used to have to leave extra time to account for the traffic caused by the crosswalk. “Since the lights have been installed, I have seen a huge difference and also feel safer crossing there,” she said.
Another student, Junia Goddard added, “I’m a pedestrian but I used to be a driver. I think it’s a lot safer. I don’t think it is affecting traffic either which is what I was afraid of. Often as a pedestrian, you play a game of chicken to see who gets to go even though pedestrians have priority, so I think this solves that issue.”
The Bishop’s Students’ Representative Council long advocated for a better engineered and safer crosswalk. After a protest and letters sent to the transport ministry, the government listened. Although it took many close calls and several actual accidents, pedestrians in Lennoxville now have an increased sense of security at the busy intersection.

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