Pickleball courts and Del Monty revitalization

Pickleball courts and Del Monty revitalization

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By William Crooks

Local Journalism Initiative

The recent Stanstead town council meeting held May 13, presided over by Mayor Jody Stone, covered significant updates on the development of pickleball courts and the revitalization of the Del Monty property, along with other municipal matters.

Pickleball Facilities near completion

The town has completed the procurement of essential equipment for its new pickleball courts in Generations Park, including four high-quality nets, paddles, and balls. The courts are designed to meet regulation standards, ensuring an optimal playing experience for residents. The selected equipment is known for its durability and suitability for frequent use.

To ensure fair and efficient use of the new facilities, the town is implementing a structured schedule. It will allocate specific times for various activities, including basketball and potentially roller hockey, to avoid scheduling conflicts and maximize the utility of the courts. Residents will have designated slots for pickleball, promoting organized play and accessibility.

Stone emphasized the importance of these facilities in promoting physical activity and enhancing community well-being. The new pickleball courts are expected to become a popular spot for recreational activities, catering to all age groups and encouraging a healthy lifestyle among residents.

Del Monty property revitalization efforts

The town is actively soliciting proposals to revitalize the Del Monty property. Stanstead came under the ownership of the historic Del Monty Hotel in 2021 after the building’s owner stopped paying property taxes several years previous.

The goal is to attract projects that can transform this area into a vibrant hub of activity. The town is open to both commercial and residential developments, aiming to boost local economic activity and improve the overall quality of life for residents.

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