Pickleball offers a fun way to a good workout

Pickleball offers a fun way to a good workout

By Christine Blanchette


“The sport continues to be popular with older adults who typically play during the week. The sport is now also attracting younger, working adults as facilities become available during evening hours and weekends.” Pickleball Canada


If you are looking for a new activity to complement your favourite sport, pickleball might be the answer. It is not only an attractive social endeavour, it offers a good workout, minus the requirement of honed athleticism required in most other racquet sports.  According to Pickleball Canada,  “Pickleball is exploding in popularity as a sport for all ages!”

Dr. Sean Graham is a practicing chiropractor and co-director of Satori Integrative Health Centre. He is also a former standout receiver with the BC Lions in the CFL and won a Grey Cup Championship in 2000. Yet these days his sports passion is reserved for pickleball. I caught up to him recently and noted his unbridled enthusiasm for one of the fastest growing sports in Canada.

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Q: When and how did you find your passion for pickleball?

It was in the summer of 2020 during the middle of the pandemic that a friend invited me out to play. I was initially hesitant as I always had this notion that pickleball was for the elderly and those that were not that mobile. I finally decided to give it a try and have become completely addicted to the sport. I play three-four times per week. I play both recreationally and competitively in sanctioned tournaments throughout BC and even in the US. I have my level two coaching certification through Pickleball Canada and I am a level one referee. I have completely immersed myself in the sport of pickleball.

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