Pizza dough shop coming to Lennoxville

By Michael Boriero - Local Journalism Initiative Reporter
Pizza dough shop coming  to Lennoxville
(Photo : Michael Boriero)

There’s a new pizza joint coming to Lennoxville, but it won’t be following traditional pizzeria norms, where people can walk in, grab a slice of cheese and pepperoni, and go about their business.
Brad Laurie, who turns 60 years old at the end of the month, wants to cater to Quebecers’ desire to craft their own meals. When his new shop opens, people will be able to pick up 300g packages of his patented easy-rise pizza dough, Brad’s Gourmet.
“It’s not a restaurant. We’re not competing with Jerry’s [Pizzeria], which is right across the street. It’s a very different market. These are people who, because of the Covid and even before Covid, are interested in making really good homemade food,” he said.
Pending a lease agreement, Laurie’s small business will be located at 127 Queen Street. He has been making pizza dough mix for just over two years. But the Lennoxville resident spent nearly two decades perfecting his dough recipe.
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