“Plastic attack” to strike Galt street IGA next Sunday

By Gordon Lambie
“Plastic  attack” to strike Galt street IGA next Sunday

Julie Beaulieu and Camille Auger are two members of a growing international movement concerned about the amount of unnecessary plastic the average consumer takes home from the grocery store. In an age where more and more alarm bells are being rung about the amount of plastic that is ending up in the world’s waterways, the concerned coconspirators are planning to hold a peaceful protest that has become known as a “plastic attack” at one of Sherbrooke’s larger grocery stores next Sunday with the aim of showing people just how much waste there is rolling around in shoppers’ carts. “When you bring things home and unwrap maybe one or two items, you don’t stop to think about the big picture,” Beaulieu said, “our zucchini doesn’t need a Styrofoam tray or saran wrap, and by collecting these things together in one place, people will be able to see better how much is being thrown away every day.” The plastic attack is an idea that has grown out of events in Europe and the idea is a simple one. Instead of unwrapping groceries at home, Beaulieu and Auger will have a station set up outside a store where shoppers can remove packaging that they do not consider important and leave it to collect in one place. On May 20th, the plastic attack group will set up outside of the IGA Chapdelaine at 775 Galt Street West between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. See full story in the Monday, May 14 edition of The Record.

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