Platform showing Black excellence is thriving

By Marianne Lassonde, Special to The Outlet
Platform showing Black excellence is thriving
(Photo : Courtesy)

Every year, Black History Month wraps February in thematic celebrations commemorating Black culture and the historical achievements of the community. This year’s theme was “The Future is Now”, which aims at shining a light on the major changes that happened and will continue to happen in Canada.
In the Townships, “The Future is Now” manifested itself in a social media platform designed to raise, amplify and recognize local talent and successes.
Aïssé Touré and Angélique Goguen-Couture founded BlackEstrie shortly after attending a local walk honouring the life of George Floyd, who was killed by Minneapolis police officers in May of last year. For Touré the walk not only stood as a movement demanding accountability for years of systemic racism but also as a show of unity – and she felt it was important to recreate this online.
“What I really wanted to do and what I thought was important was to put out positive content and shine a light on Black people who are doing really important work within the community,” explained Touré.

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