Plenty of action at Ayer’s Cliff Fair

Record Staff
Plenty of action at Ayer’s Cliff Fair
(Photo : Matthew McCully)

There was plenty to see and do this weekend at Ayer’s Cliff Fair, and based on the crowds at the fairgrounds on Saturday afternoon, there were plenty of people seeing and doing it.
The grandstand was near capacity for the always popular harness racing, where eight different races took place throughout the afternoon.
The midway also drew quite a crowd, with dozens lined up for the Ferris wheel, situated inside the racetrack, and the many other rides on site.
And there the crowds weren’t just outside. The barns and buildings had their fair share of visitors, there to see the best of the best in horticulture, arts and crafts, and of course the animals.
There was an interesting mix of attractions at the fair, with the newest in farm equipment to check out, set up next to some of the province’s oldest traditions being displayed and demonstrated in the “Habitant” village.

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