Police say put the phone down and pay attention

Police say put the phone down and pay attention

By Gordon Lambie

The Sherbrooke police are encouraging road users to be cautious in the wake of five recent collisions between drivers and pedestrians in the city. Speaking with local media about the incidents on Tuesday, SPS Inspector Patrick Roy said that of the five different collisions, the one unifying factor is an increased need for vigilance on the city’s streets.

“No matter where you are crossing and what tools you are using, both pedestrians and drivers need to be vigilant,” Roy said sharing that there have been more than 30 pedestrian collisions in the city so far this year.

Recognising that there are several different factors that might play a part in the recent collisions, including increased darkness, slippery road surfaces, and variable weather that come with the changing season, the police inspector suggested three guidelines to help improve road safety: first, he said, people should try as much as possible to cross at designated crossings, like crosswalks. Second, if there is a crossing light, it should be used. Third, even when following steps one and two, always keep your head up and remain attentive.

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