Post-Hurricane in Honduras: One Townships pharmacist’s story

By Sheila Quinn
Post-Hurricane in Honduras: One Townships pharmacist’s story
Knowlton pharmacist Tamara Begin (left) with a colleague, part of an emergency response team in La Lima, Honduras (Photo : Courtesy Tamara Begin)

On Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020, I learned that Tamara Begin, beloved friend of many and pharmacist at Uniprix Jean-Marc Bélanger in Knowlton wasn’t at her usual post.
Instead, she was with a group of emergency medical professionals, in La Lima, Honduras, hit hard several weeks ago by Hurricanes Eta and Iota. She posted her current location on Facebook – it was a lot to take in.
First, being a pharmacist during a pandemic is already tough – pharmacies are such important resources in our communities. Pharmacists hear so many intimate stories and details about people’s lives, their concerns, they are most definitely frontline in helping people determine what is going on in their bodies, knowledgeable, thoughtful and helpful people who get to know their clientele in our small towns.
It’s funny the way we meet people in this life. I first met Tamara because she was a model in a fashion show I was doing photography for at the Marina in Knowlton. We hit it off right away.
So, learning that in the midst of a worldwide crisis, Tamara opted to head off to share her expertise following a natural disaster, I was immediately surprised, concerned and proud of her. More on Tamara later…
She’s with a well-established outfit – the Canadian Red Cross.

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