Proposed housing development in Cleveland prompts questions

Proposed housing development in Cleveland prompts questions

By Nick Fonda


For the second month in a row, Cleveland’s municipal council meeting was very well attended.  On March 6, a standing-room-only crowd of about three dozen showed up at the municipal hall to express their opposition to a proposed housing development on 420 acres of wooded land at the end of the Sterrett Mine Road.

The proposal for the housing project comes from Guillaume Cayer-Richard who successfully undertook a similar project on the Spooner Pond Road, just within the Richmond town limit, near land that in the early 20th century was the site of a small brickyard.  He subdivided a 14-acre plot into about a dozen lots, almost all of which have since been sold to families who’ve built new homes.

Cayer-Richard’s on-line profile states that he has several different business interests in finance, sales, and real estate.  He is also the director general of the Grand Prix Ski-Doo de Valcourt, billed as the biggest motorized winter event in the world.


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