Protecting the elderly remains top priority

By Matthew McCully

It won’t be easy for many Quebecers to break from tradition this Easter weekend, but Quebec Premier Francois Legault said it is crucial to maintain social distancing and connect with family by phone or video chat instead of in person. During Thursday’s briefing, the premier explained that 90 per cent of COVID-19-related deaths were people over the age of 70. Another nine percent were people between 60 and 70 years old, many of whom had a pre-existing health condition.
There were 41 new deaths since the day before, bringing the total to 216 in the province. There are now 10,912 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Quebec. Of those, 620 are in the Estrie region. There are 679 hospitalizations, up 47 from the day before and an increase of 15 patients in intensive care for a total of 196. According to Legault, the figures are in line with what was expected. ­Numbers are going to continue to rise for a few days before health officials believe the peak of infection will be reached, he said.
Legault pointed out that even though numbers are rising, the number of hospitalizations and patients in intensive care is beginning to stabilize, which is a good size. The plan now, according to Legault and Quebec Public Health Director Horacio Arruda, is to proceed with caution to avoid a potential second wave of the virus. While many Quebecers are anxious to get back to work and gather more outside as the weather improves, Legault said social distancing must be maintained for the time being.

Published in the Friday, April 10 edition of The Record.


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