Quarantine plans set for international students at Stanstead College

By Michael Boriero – Local ­Journalism Initiative Reporter


With half of its students coming from outside of Canada, Stanstead College is imposing a mandatory 14-day quarantine period per Quebec health guidelines before allowing local students on school grounds.
Boarding students are expected to arrive in Stanstead between August 24 and 26, according to director of communications Ross Murray. They are being asked to stay in their dorm rooms and avoid leaving school property.
The process is just like quarantining in your own home, he explained. Students will be staying at the school’s newest residential area, the Cowen building. The only exception is there are shared bathrooms, but there will be cleaning protocols in place.
“We’re also aiming, it’s going to be a bit of a puzzle, but as best we can for those shared rooms we’re going to try to have kids from the same countries share the same bathrooms,” said Murray.
The school is mulling over the idea of dorm assignments based on which students were on the same flights, he added. In a phone interview, Murray also noted that students wouldn’t be forced to stay inside all day.



See full story in August 17 edition of The Record

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