“Quatre Quarts” project takes to the stage

“Quatre Quarts” project takes to the stage
(Photo : Alexandre Roy)

By Gordon Lambie

The final, performance phase of the Theatre des Petits Lanternes’ (TPL) multi-year, landscape theatre project, “Quatre Quarts” got started Thursday night and will continue through this weekend and the next. The project launched in June of 2018 with a plan to tell the untold stories of Sherbrooke’s downtown core across four main areas, the Alexandre quarter, the Well Sud quarter (also referred to as the quarter of creation at one point in the project), the Cathedral quarter, and the museum quarter.
“Each section is its own presentation,” said Kristelle Holliday, the Artistic and Executive Director of TPL, walking back through a process that began with a series of guided walks through each neighbourhood. In year one, residents of each area were invited to go on these walks to share some of their reflections on the living history of their area. Those gathered stories were then used in year two to plan a series of mini-festivals, one in each quarter, that once again brought people together to explore the spirit of their community in a new way.
Unlike with the theatre company’s ‘great harvest of words’ concept, which builds the writing process for a play directly around phrases and words collected from a large group of people, Holliday said that Quatre Quarts has been For For full story and others, subscribe now.

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