Quebec Bar Association offering dating advice for the new year

By Gordon Lambie

The Quebec Bar Association is warning people to think about the way that they write down dates with the coming of the new year. Although it is not unusual to stumble over dates in the first few days after January 1, the year 2020 brings with it a special complication worth keeping in mind. The problem comes from the tendency to abbreviate a year to its last two digits, like in the case of turning 1999 to just 99. The association points out that the current year in an abbreviated form could easily be changed by someone with malevolent or mischievous intentions to any one of the last 19 years. In other words, the date 08-01-20 (January 8, 2020) could easily be made to look like 08-01-2001 by simply adding a 0 and 1. See full story in the Wednesday, Jan. 8 edition of The Record.

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