Quebec bids farewell to masks in public

Record Staff
Quebec bids farewell to masks in public

Friday marks the last day that masks will be required in public spaces across the Province of Quebec. As of Saturday morning only a handful of environments will still require the protective equipment from all visitors, such as hospitals, long term care homes and public transit.

There were 1,821 people in hospital with COVID-19 across Quebec on Thursday, a decrease of 26 compared to the previous day. The number of people in intensive care with the virus decreased by two, to 60. Thursday also marked the first time that less than 50 per cent of those in ICU with covid were there be- cause of the virus since that information started being recorded.

The province recorded 25 new Covid-related deaths, for a total of 15,226 since the start of the pandemic.

There were 6,412 health care workers absent for Covid-related reasons.

In the Eastern Townships there were 134 people in hospital with COVID-19, four of whom were in intensive care. The region reported no new deaths, keeping the local total since the start of the pandemic at 608.

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