Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation opens virtual clinic for cancer survivors

By Matthew Sylvester, Special to The Record

Starting Wednesday, the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation’s virtual clinic pilot project will be available to Quebecers dealing with the aftermath of breast cancer. The clinic, which has existed only as a small pilot project until now, will be available to up to 1,000 patients for the next year.
With hospitals and clinics still struggling to keep up with increased demand and limited capacity from quarantining healthcare professionals, the QBCF’s virtual clinic aims to lessen the load on both doctors and patients alike by allowing quick and easy communication. According to a recent press release, the system has nurses acting as a first resource to help point patients in the right direction, be it with some general advice or a consultation with an expert.
The service will be available free of charge to applicants and will let you contact a professional 24 hours a day. Laura Lee Robinson participated in the first round of testing for the clinic. She said that it was “a relief to be able to count on this team of professionals as soon as I feel the need, no matter what the time of day or night.” She explained that quick access to doctors and nurses to answer her questions was a big weight off her shoulders. “It made me feel supported, which greatly reduced my anxiety,” She said.
According to a spokesperson for the QBCF, applications to be one of the 1,000 patients this year are open to survivors who have previously been diagnosed with non-metastatic breast cancer and are residents of Quebec. Anyone interested is encouraged to contact the foundation at for more information.

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