Quebec Community Groups Network wraps up annual meeting

 Quebec Community Groups Network wraps up annual meeting

Resolves to be a Strong Voice for English-speaking Quebecers


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The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) concluded its 28th annual meeting over the weekend, resolved to continue to serve as a strong and unifying voice for English-speaking Quebecers.

The group met under the theme #OuiOurQuebec – Our Community, Our Province, Our Quebec! Members and stakeholders in attendance expressed their commitment to this province, the future of the French language and the importance of community vitality.

In a press release, QCGN President Eva Ludvig pointed to the most pressing issues the group is facing. “The most important QCGN work in the past year has been our continued and unflagging fight against damaging legislation at both the federal and provincial levels,” Ludvig commented. “These are Quebec’s Bill 96, which amends the Charter of the French Language and introduces the pre-emptive use of the Notwithstanding Clause, and that bill’s incorporation into Bill C-13, the revised federal Official Languages Act.” She added that “both those exercises have been uphill climbs and have yet to produce the kind of results we seek.”

“We have continued to express our opposition to Bill 96, while clearly and forcefully making the point that the English-speaking community of Quebec – and by extension, the QCGN – stand foursquare in favour of measures to protect and promote French in Canada, including Quebec – without trampling on our rights.”

“The QCGN has also continued to make progress with a renewal process that will set the course for our organization during what I expect to be challenging years ahead,” added Ludvig: “This comprehensive process has helped the QCGN stay on course in our commitment to adapt to the needs of our community.”

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