Quebec community groups rallying against Bill 96

By Gordon Lambie
Quebec community groups rallying against Bill 96

The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) is planning to host a rally in mid-May so that those who are opposed to Bill 96 can make themselves heard.

“The government has made it very clear that it is not listening,” said Marlene Jennings, QCGN’s President, explaining that the hope is for the public action to help highlight how significantly the government’s overhaul of its language laws stand to impact people living in the province, regardless of their cultural background.

Although the organizers established that some details are still being worked out, the current plan is for protestors to gather near Dawson College at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 14, and walk down Sherbrooke Street to Francois Legault’s office near the corner of McGill College at 11 a.m. where speeches will be made. Jennings and QCGN’s Executive Director, Sylvia Martin-Laforge, both expressed openness to the idea of having satellite protests in other parts of the province but said nothing was confirmed on that front yet.

The rally was announced in the context of a QCGN press conference held via videoconference on Tuesday morning, where representatives of various different community groups or institutions voiced their concerns about the bill in its current form. There were more than 160 people in attendance.
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