Quebec court upholds assisted-dying law

A judgment rendered on Tuesday by the Quebec Court of Appeal overturned an attempt to suspend the implementation of Bill 52, the province’s assisted-dying legislation.
Adopted by the National Assembly in June of 2014, the bill became a law officially on Dec. 10 of this year.
A group of doctors, The Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice led by Dr. Paul Saba, won a ruling in Superior Court last month, postponing the implementation of the law.
That ruling was overturned yesterday, defending the constitutional merits of the right-to-die bill.
The Sherbrooke palliative care centre, La Maison Aube Lumière, released a statement saying management is aware of the ruling, but representatives are unavailable for comment at present.
The statement went on to point out that as of Nov. 3, the centre had planned to make assisted-dying services accessible to patients starting Feb.1 2016, and yesterday’s ruling would have no bearing on changing Aube Lumière’s date of implementation of the law.

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