Quebec Food Banks need your help!

Quebec Food Banks need your help!

By Matthew McCully


In 2022, the Quebec Food Banks (les Banques Alimentaires du Québec-BAQs) responded to a historic demand: 2.2 million requests for assistance in a single month, the highest in the organization’s history, and 62 per cent of organizations reported that they had run out of food through their usual sources of supply. The vast majority had to resort to purchasing.

The BAQ is present throughout Quebec with its 32 regional members, including the local branch, Moisson Estrie. Food banks across the province provide a supply of nutritious food to 1,200 community organizations that offer food aid to more than 670,000 people each month. Since 1988, BAQ has been pooling resources and expertise to counter food insecurity and alleviate hunger among vulnerable populations.

The demand for food aid has never been so high and will continue to rise due to the current economic uncertainty.

Unprecedented pressure is being put on the BAQs and their member organizations throughout Quebec. The context is unique: rising demand, operating costs subject to high inflation rates, difficult access to sufficient food, and a shortage of manpower and volunteers.


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